Production Scale

A cost-effective way to increase your business and your profile when you use Whites Farm Nutrition...

  • Powdered products: for example, minimum blend 50 kg (e.g. 50kg / 2.25kg = 22 tubs of Whey protein per flavour)
  • Capsules, caplets and tablets: 12 units per batch in the majority of cases, from standard stock ingredients.
  • Unflavoured single ingredients: 25 units (e.g. 25 tubs of Creatine, L-glutamine, amino acids etc)
  • Bottled drinks: 500ml sports bottles with sports cap. Minimum run 500 bottles per flavour. Supplied either in trays or boxes of 12 packs
  • Sacheted products: produced from 10g to 100g in foil or food grade plastic with In house printed label.