Manufacturing At Whites Farm Nutrition

A cost-effective way to increase your business and your profile...

Whites Farm Nutrition (my supplement brand) are a private label sports & health food manufacturer, specialising in small to medium batch production runs at competitive prices, with shorter than average production lead times. Utilising our large inventory of raw materials and national stock holding agreements, you can be assured we can bring your product to market with minimal delay – we aim for a 10 working days (or less) turnaround time, once we have your formula and our nutritional data for labelling, in place.

Whites Farm Nutrition manufacture the following products utilising our team of 21 experienced and qualified staff:

  • Powder sports nutritional drinks which include proteins, weight gainers, weight management, recovery formulas, energy formulas and more.
  • Capsule, caplet, tablet and gel nutritional supplements.
  • RTD (Ready To Drink) bottled products & RTS (Ready To Shake).

An off-the-shelf general product can be developed for as little as £199 – a minimal amount for almost any business.